Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Loving: this Spring weather! It seems that Spring has finally decided to stick around and with my IT band healed, I've been getting outside as much as possible. On Monday I got my first java chip frappuccino of the season and enjoyed it while I walked the quarter mile to Target.

Needing: to stick to my budget. I finally have some long term goals besides just paying off my student loans so I need to start being disciplined again. I'd say I'm pretty frugal but sometimes I have those moments at Target where I just buy allll the (unnecessary) things!

Wishing: I had a tropical vacation booked. I saw too many spring break posts last week on Facebook of sandy white beaches and crystal blue oceans. 

Reading: What Lies Between. It's basically about this woman who inherits a Scottish estate. I'm enjoying it so far but I haven't been doing a good job of spending time reading. I need to turn off the TV and put my nose in this book!

Thinking: of cutting my hair short to get rid of my layers. I do like layers but the hair stylist thinned the bottom for some reason and I just still think it looks so weird. We'll see if I can stick it out though until it gets a bit longer.
Watching: Friends on Netflix every night before bed because duh.

Trying to: stay awake while writing this. It's 9:41pm right now…my body just knows to start shutting down.

Looking Forward To: Peter's birthday this weekend! We've got the whole weekend planned and even just talking about it together made me super excited. It's been a bummer to be on the same work schedule but in different states…I can't wait for him to be home for good so we can fill our weekends with adventures, wine and delicious food again!

Friday, April 10, 2015

New Orleans 2015

Just two weeks post vacation and I'm finally getting the recap out. I had a great time in New Orleans (minus Bourbon St.) and I would definitely go back (and not go to Bourbon St.). Bourbon St. was just so not my scene because 1. I don't do well in a crowd of people at night 2. I don't do well in a crowd of drunken strangers at night and 3. I don't do well at night - I hate the dark. Now I will know exactly what people are referencing when they say Bourbon St. but I've seen all I need to on that street. I enjoyed every other part of New Orleans so let's get on to that! 

I went with Sarah (Peter's sister), Peter's mom and her friend who is family friend. Sarah has always wanted to go to NOLA and decided to make it happen for her 30th birthday. I was really glad she wanted me to go with them! When I first started typing this out, it got quite long and I had only made it through recapping the first day and a half  so I decide to do a summary with lots of pictures instead!

 - Flight landed around 7pm. Stayed at the Inn On St. Ann in the Marie Laveu Annex. I recommend this hotel!
Our cute courtyard outside our room
- Dinner at Muriel's Jackson. I'm not a big seafood fan but I do like salmon. If I was going to get it anywhere it would definitely be in NOLA - it was delicious! We also had really great cocktails.

- Walked down Bourbon St. Yikes.

- Beignets and cafe au liat at Cafe Du Monde. YUM!

- Brunch at Cafe Amelia (yes you need two breakfasts for your first day in NOLA)

They gave her a birthday necklace!
Breakfast ciabatta - still dreaming about it.
- 3 hour bike tour through the Garden District

the group!
I wouldn't mind living here...
- Dinner at Galatoire's. It was opened in 1905 and our bike tour guide said this was one of the last restaurants on Bourbon St. that still had its charm.

- Breakfast in a jazz garden
- Walked through Louis Armstrong Park

Dude my ear...
- Toured the Hermann-Grima House

- Went to Rebecca Rebouche's gallery and got to hang out with her for an hour. She is Sarah's favorite artist and Sarah bought an original piece. We found out that they have the same birthday!

our group outside of the beauty shop!

- Went to Frenchman St. and hopped around live music bars the rest of the night. 
normal restaurant art for NOLA!
chips, fried pickles, chicken tenders and beer!
this band was named Chicken and Waffles!

- Breakfast at Johnny's Po-Boys
- Went to a cooking demonstration at the New Orleans School of Cooking. Ate gumbo, jambalaya, pralines and banana foster. Our instructor Michael was hilarious!

Gumbo - of course they gave us beer taste with too!
- Walked around Jackson's Square. Did some shopping and listened to street performers

- Our flight left around 6pm and we got home around 9:30pm. It was rough waking up the next morning to go to work!

Overall it was a great trip and first experience in NOLA. There is so much history and culture there. I really enjoyed learning about the city and I definitely hope to go back with Peter one day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

Sometimes my creative juices just aren't flowing when I have to title my blog posts so you get the standard :)

As I mentioned last week Peter came home for the weekend! We picked him up around 4pm on Saturday and he flew back at 8am yesterday. It went by way too quick of course but it was so so good to see him. We spent most of our time with his family because they have a lot of Easter traditions. We watched Easter movies, did an easter egg hunt, dyed Easter eggs, ate plenty of Easter pie and knot cookies. I never starve when I'm at his parents house - those good Italians! 
9 Easter pies, 2 were left by Sunday night
Knot cookies! 
Only way to eat Easter pie is with red wine!
Dave my minion
I had breakfast with my mom, step-dad and doggies on Sunday morning. My step-dad made us eggs benedict and my mom made mimosas. My contribution was doing the dishes after we finished eating. It was also my grandma's 81st birthday so we called and sang her happy birthday while she was still in her PJs :)
Hunter loves the screened-in porch!
my sweet Henry!

Overall it was a great weekend spent with Peter and family! Luckily I'll get to see him again in just 10 days. I can't wait to celebrate his birthday with him and explore the city together.

New Orleans recap coming Thursday!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Happies!

Kayla snapchated me yesterday saying she missed my blog and it just put a smile on my face! I need to remember that this is my blog and I can write whatever I want. Sometimes I get hung up on writing posts people will read and then end up writing nothing. Next week it's back to regular scheduled programming with at least 3 posts a week. One of those posts will be recapping my recent trip to New Orleans this past weekend! But first some Friday Happies!

+ PETER IS COMING HOME TOMORROW! I posted on Instagram yesterday that I got the best phone call from him on Wednesday saying he had booked a flight home for the weekend. His work has black out dates from April to June but his family has a lot of Easter traditions. He decided that family > work and will be home for about 36 hours! I can't wait is understatement :D

+ Pictures of like this of my niece and nephew!

+ I'm going to try and run tomorrow. My PT therapist said to try a mile, walk for 5 minutes and see how it feels. Cross all your finger and toes my IT band has healed. I need running back in my life…especially with spring being here!

+ I mentioned before that I have a Fitbit Zip. I'm a big fan of it. I get an Amazon gift card once a quarter from my work for doing these Wellness things. I think I'm going to use it this month to buy the Fitbit Charge. I want to know how I'm sleeping and I'd rather wear it on my wrist!

+ I recently found out about the organization Honor Flight. We're trying to get involved with it at my work and I already know I'll be crying the first time I'm a greeter. My grandpa was a WWII veteran and I wish he could have seen the memorials in DC.

Happy Friday!! May your weekend be filled with chocolate, wine and laughs :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I spent the weekend reading, drinking wine, watching soccer, going to trader joes, getting my car inspected and tracking Tracy while she ran her marathon! She killed it with a 31 minute PR!
soccer sunday watching my team!
2. I made this soup for lunch this week and it came out delicious!!! I made a few adjustments: no sage (couldn't find it at TJs), red kidney beans instead of canned tomatoes and used chicken broth. I don't usually like zucchini or spinach but I've discovered that if I don't cook them until they're super tender then they're okay! The vegetables have a very slight crunch when I eat the soup.

3. As part of my 25 before 25, I'm trying to read 25 books this year. I just finished All You Could Ask For and I highly recommend it if you're looking for a quick but entertaining book. 

4. I got a free FitBit Zip from work and it's been pretty fun to see how many steps I take a day. Not really ideal that I'm injured right now but luckily I've still been able to walk with no pain.

5. Speaking of my injury, I've been to two PT sessions so far. They're giving me lots of exercises for my glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings and arch. I'm actually foam rolling daily now too so I'm hoping all of this will really help my IT band heal. I'm not signed up for any races right now but I'm hoping I can do a half marathon in the fall. I'll be doing a bike event in June but it's not a race so I'm just going to take it easy and have fun with it.

6. One of my co-workers is going to be fostering an 18 month old german shorthaired pointer and that's my ideal next dog. They're smart, friendly, cuddly and great to run with. But dogs are expensive and I don't think I could bring another one into Sarah and Ryan's house… :(

7. Only 24 more days until I see Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

8. On Thursday my niece will be 6 months old! I can't believe it. I'm sad I've only been able to hang out with her in 3 times since she's been born…it's tough not being close to family! I'll be sending her a few cute outfits because she's a girl and she always needs new clothes! (My brother is still having a hard time believing that…he'll come around :) )
It's so true so she needs it! Source

9. I've got two trips to Blacksburg in the works and I'm so so excited. Being in Blacksburg is just good for my heart!

10. As I finish writing this, it's 9pm and I'm eating bagel bites for dessert. Because I can :D

Tell me one random thing for today!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Very Social (for me) Weekend!

Social in terms of spending more time with people than my couch! I was being lazy bones Sunday and Monday night so you get my weekend recap on a Wednesday but it's one that needs to be documented :)

My friend Erin (we met via blogging but we've been real life friends for about 2 years now) came from Minnesota to hang out with me this weekend! We originally planned to run the Rock n Roll half marathon together but injuries sidelined us both… though I think it ended up working in our favor. I picked her up from the airport late Thursday night, goody bag in toe. When we first met in real life she brought me gifts from MN and I brought her nothing {insert embarrassed emjoi}. I spent about an hour roaming Target for all these trinkets:
Beer socks, Easter socks, mini globe, cards, notepad, frog glasses!
We came home, chatted for about 15 minutes and then went to bed. I love when my friends love to go to bed early too!

Friday was pretty great. We went to two wineries, had two tastings, two glasses of wine, pizza and a whole lot of good conversation. I love hanging out and talking to Erin about life. We went out to my favorite Thai place for dinner with Sarah and Ryan then watched a few episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We both thought that parts were pretty funny but we wouldn't be itching to finish the season quickly. 

Saturday we were up early to go watch some of favorites finish the RnR DC half marathon. The weather  just did not cooperate that morning. It was cold, pouring rain, windy…we had two rain jackets and one umbrella to keep us warm. Everyone we knew (Julie, Erin, Tracy, Alyssa, Kristen) all finished and I give them mad props for getting through the weather! Erin and I were able to meet Tracy and Alyssa after they finished. It was great to see them but I felt bad they were shivering just standing there! Unfortunately that's all we got to see of them that weekend but I told Alyssa next time we're all meeting on a sunny beach with only plans of eating and drinking all day :)

Saturday night we went to the winery Peter used to work at and my mom, Julie and Ellie met us there. Luckily I still know a few people that work there and they were nice enough to give us a few discounts :). It was really fun to all hang out together over wine, pita chips and a delicious kalamata olive dip. We came home and made this quinoa enchilada dish  that you all need to make it tonight for dinner. It is super easy and so so so yummy. 

Sunday morning we went to the next town over for breakfast at a cafe. Coffee, breakfast sandwiches and people watching - pretty great morning! It was sad how fast the weekend went but I was glad Erin could come to visit! I really need Virginia and Minnesota to be closer together :) 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Things I'm Looking Forward To

It's March 11th and this only my 2nd post this month…life and work have been busy and I don't like writing posts when I'm unmotivated so I appreciate you guys hanging in there with me! I've got some exciting things coming up which keeps me sane and happy when being busy. 

+ This weekend! 
This weekend a bunch of bloggers friends will be in my city for a race! Though I'm bummed I won't be running with them, I'm excited to cheer them all on. And I will definitely eat at the post race brunch like I just ran 13.1 miles too! I realized yesterday that this same weekend last year was when I went to Cincinnati to see Kayla and Erin. Apparently the second weekend in March is my blogger weekend - who wants to meet next year and where?! :)

+ New Orleans
I mentioned before that I've booked a few travel weekends and this is one of them. I'll be going with Peter's sister, mom and their family friend. Being women we've already planned the whole weekend and made an itinerary. A few activities on our list...a bike tour, a cooking class and eating at a lot of delicious restaurants. 

+ Easter
Peter's dad makes this dish called Easter Pie and it's one of my favorite foods of all time. It's basically pasta, cheese and cubes of pepperoni in a pie. I think it's normal for Italian families though I'm not sure of the exact recipe but I'm convinced Peter's dad makes the best version. Freshmen year of college Peter came back to Tech with a slice and asked if I wanted to try it. I was very picky back then and passed. The next year I was at their house and felt bad saying no to his dad's face so I tried it. THANK GOODNESS. Peter still teases me that I used to "hate" it. Unfortunately Peter won't be able to make it home for Easter this year (major sad face) but I told him I would eat his slice of the pie with as much joy as he would (major happy face).

+ Peter's birthday weekend
I'm SO SO SO ready for this trip. By the time I visit we will have been a part for 3 1/2 months which for us is a long time and the longest stretch so far. I miss my guy and being able to do things with him, even just sitting on the couch trying to figure out what to watch on TV. Of course I've already made an itinerary for the weekend so we remember all the activities we've talked about doing and fitting them into 56 hours. 
Throwback to our trip to Boston!
A few other random tidbits… 
I finally updated my About and Running tabs. Exactly one year and one day ago Erin re-designed my blog and included them... #terribleblogger .

I have my first PT appointment next week. I'm really hoping they can get my IT band straighten out and I'll be back to running soon. I miss it!