Monday, May 18, 2015

The Start Of My Capsule Wardrobe

First off thank you for all your well wishes! I'm happy to report that Zoey is doing better, Henry learned how to walk on three legs while his one leg is wrapped up and I think my sinus infection is getting better. I'm still a bit stuffy but at least don't feel like a train ran into my face anymore. I spent the weekend babysitting, having a gilmore girls marathon with peter's mom and sisters, napping and Sunday night I started my capsule wardrobe!
babysitting a 3 year old boy is exhausting
GG marathon!
napping on the window seat with Zoe
I hadn't heard of a capsule wardrobe until Tracy started hers. I learn so much reading blogs! The more she posted her cute outfits, the more I wanted to try it too. I work in an office building that is business casual and I've slowly started better quality clothes for work {thanks 60% off Loft flash sales!} I still had plenty of clothes that I wore in high school though and I'm pretty sure I only wear about 25% of what I have. Most don't fit right, are too small or are worn out. But I'm really good at hanging on to clothes because what if there is that one moment where I need that teal sparkly tank top?! As you can imagine, I'm really great at packing for trips…When I'm not at work, I'm usually at home or running or hanging out with friends. What I like about business casual is that the pieces can work for both the office and outside of it. I know I'm going to keep some "lazy" clothes - ones that I'll wear while lounging around the house but I want to have a more professional, put together look for work and cuter outfits when I'm out on the weekends.

The first step in getting started was getting rid of all the clothes I don't actually wear. Once I went through them all, this was my donation pile…Purple Heart will be here Thursday! 

I've got a list started for a few pieces I would like to buy but I'm also going to try and see what outfits I can make this week with what I have. I'll most likely do a spring/summer wardrobe, fall wardrobe and winter wardrobe. I think there are a lot of classic business casual pieces but I want to throw in a few fun pieces each season to change it up. I'm excited to see where this all goes! If anyone else has started a capsule wardrobe and has advice, I'd love to hear it!! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

It Happens In 3s...

It's Friday and I'm more than ready for the week to be over. It's been one of those "ugh life" weeks. Three bad things happened…

1. Zoey got some kind of stomach bug on Wednesday night and spent the past two nights at the animal hospital. It is so weird/sad to be in the house without her. Luckily they can bring her home today and she seems to be doing better but we're definitely going to cuddle and love her extra hard while she's on the mend. 

2. Henry dislocated his hip yesterday morning. Every now and then he has bursts of energy and will play with Hunter. But he's also 12 years old so his little body is a bit more fragile. My mom isn't exactly sure what happened but she said she knew something was wrong when he yelped. Luckily the vet is only a few miles down the road and they were able to put his hip back in within an hour of it happening. They are picking up today too and I know they will baby him with extra love and cuddles while he is on the mend too.

3. I officially have a sinus infection. Remember back in January when I did my vlog and my allergies made me sound like a man…well it's been like this for a while and I wasn't actually positive it was allergies. I finally made an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor for yesterday and apparently my nose decided to really turn things up for it Wednesday night. The ENT doctor thinks it could be nasal polyps but because of the infection she can't see it. I'm on three medicines for three weeks and then will go back to test for it. Luckily I could stay home from work the past two days to rest. 
my lunch scene yesterday
For my normal low key life it's just been a lot this week. I'm a firm believer in a positive attitude though so to end this post I wanted to share three good things that happened this week too!

1. My mom and I went to the nail salon on Monday night as a belated Mother's Day gift. I've gotten my nails done maybe five times in my life but I decided to splurge and get a manicure and pedicure! I love girly time with my momma :)
my pretty momma :)
2. I took 4 videos of Sophia while we were with her this past weekend and I've watched them each about 30 times so far. I love having adorable baby videos to watch AND that that adorable baby is MY niece! Being an aunt is seriously the best.
I LOVE this baby :)
3. I was reminded how lucky I am to have Erin as a friend. We can talk about a range of things, serious and silly, and I just love that. Great friends are essential to life. I don't know where I would be without them and I'm so glad this big internet brought Erin into my life. The states between us really need to be shorten but I know she's there no matter the distance! Basically this a big shoutout to Erin - thanks for being YOU :)
I OVE this lady too! :)

I'm off to rest up and watch a lot of Gilmore Girls this weekend. Hopefully come Monday I'll be back to my normal self, as well as Zoey and Henry!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Aunt Becky Weekend

This weekend I got to be Aunt Becky in person! My niece and nephew live about 5 hours away so I don't get to see them hardly enough. Those dang kids are growing up too fast too. My niece is 8 months and my nephew is 8 year old. Now I know how my family members used to feel whenever they saw me haha. 

My mom and I hit the road on Saturday afternoon. It had been a while since we had taken a mother-daughter road trip so it was pretty fitting for Mother's Day weekend. Because I'm still on my Serial kick, I got my mom into it and we listened to it on the way there and back. We got through 10 episodes and she made sure I showed how to get to it on her phone before I left Sunday. We stopped by Target on our way down to pick up a few things. Of course we couldn't pass by the baby section without picking an outfit up for Sophia. It was hard to leave with just one too. 
We got there just in time for dinner: burgers, fruit and taco dip. My brother finally got stationed back home so it was so nice to see them all together. My nephew had some friends over to play so we just sat outside in the backyard talking and relaxing the rest of the night. And of course passing Sophia around as much as possible until she had enough and really wanted to go to bed. I know the feeling!
I can't. handle. her. sweet. face! I can't gah!
Sunday morning Ben made a delicious breakfast casserole and cleaned up the house. He brought Sophia down when she woke up and we got in some good selfies/pictures/videos. She is now crawling and it's so cute to see. It's like a slow motion, uncoordinated army crawl. My mom and nephew went fishing for a little while that morning too. 
Yup she's my niece :)
We mainly just hung out together until about noon and then my mom and I hit the road. The local colleges all had graduation that weekend so we knew it would be a long drive back. My mom and I are famous for getting off the highway and finding the scenic routes when traffic gets too bad. It may take longer but it sure is prettier! 

It was a short trip but I was just glad to spend it with most of my family. After two out of town weekends, I'm staying put for the next couple!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Fours!

Like Erin mentioned on her intro to this post, I'm also joining on the bandwagon because I love a good list prompt! I meant to get this post up earlier this morning but I yet again got super tired while typing this last night so I'm finishing now that I'm done work :)

4 Jobs I've Had - I realized I've only had 4 so far!
1. Camp Counselor for pre-schoolers for 2 summers
2. Hostess  for 9 months. I was terrible at this, shyness does not work in your favor in restaurant jobs
3. Office Admin for 4 years while in college
4. HR Generalist currently

4 Movies I've Watched More Than Once
1. She's The Man

2. The Holiday
3. The Grinch (with Jim Carrey)
4. Clueless 

4 Books I Would Recommend
1. Me Before You

2. Scar Tissue
3. Elly in Bloom
4. The Longest Ride - just finished and really enjoyed it!

4 Places I Have Been

1. Belize
2. Cape Cod
3. California
4. Chicago

4 TV Shows I Watch (On Netflix)
1. Gilmore Girls

2. Friends
3. Hart of Dixie
4. The B in Apartment 23

4 Things I'm Always Saying
1. I can't stay up that late

2. Like - I'm trying to phase it out but it's like really hard
3. I love dogs! 
4. I love Ellen!

4 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year (2015)

1. Peter coming home
2. Possibly moving to my own apartment
3. My 25th birthday
4. A half marathon

4 things about my appearance
1. I've never put any color/highlights in my hair
2. My nails are always painted
3. I wear a lot of rings
4. I have an estimated 1547 freckles

4 things in my purse

1. Chapstick
2. Phone charger
3. Gum
4. Sticky notes of lists

4 posts of mine you should check out
1. On Not Being a Runner

2. I Know Good People 
3. Having a Nickname
4. Life as a Twin

4 things I couldn't live without - besides the obvious family/friends/Peter

1. Dogs
2. Chapstick
3. Nail clippers
4.  Avocados

Happy Friday Friends! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Recap with a Side of Blacksburg!

A blog worthy weekend woohoo! 

On Friday night, Sarah, Ryan and I decided to just hang out on the couch and watch a movie. What's a movie without snacks though?! We went to the store, a little hungry, and ended up getting popcorn, chips & nacho cheese and ice cream (insert sassy girl emoji here). We watched The Wedding Ringer. It was a funny and not much thought was required while watching it - the best kind for the end of the day.

Saturday is when the real fun started! I got up early and drove down to Tech to visit Tracy! I had commented on her blog often that I wanted to come visit Blacksburg and hang out with her and we finally found a weekend that worked. I was only for there about 26 hours but we still got in a lot of fun things! 
the best sign off 81!
When I got to her apartment, I was greeted by the adorable Bane. Always a great way to start a visit :). We went inside and I meet her two friendly kitties! We talked about our love for dogs/cats/pets for about 45 minutes haha. Around noon we headed to the Fork and Cork Festival. Wine festival on a sunny day, with a good friend, and an a cute dog - yes please! 
Those puppy eyes!

All the "blates" that I've done so far, it's never been awkward and I feel like we're old friends just picking up where we left off. I think because we write a lot on our blogs, we seem to skip the first getting to know you questions once we finally hang out in person! The festival was pretty crowded so we stood in two long lanes for tastings and then at the third one we just bought two bottles after the tasting. We grabbed some black bean sliders and sat ourselves down in the middle of the grass to eat and drink. Unfortunately I hadn't thought to put on any sunscreen and got a nice sunburn…thank goodness for Aloe!
what it looked like Sunday afternoon..
We headed back to her apartment after a few hours there. Sun + wine…give me a couch! Ben was home now so I got to meet him and he was as nice and friendly as Tracy says :) We relaxed on the couch watching the pre game of the Kentucky Derby/trying to spot Kristen! We went out to dinner at The Cellar and watched the most exciting two minutes of sports. I wanted Dortmund to win just because he was named after the soccer team. After a delicious pasta dinner and beer, we went home and I promptly fell asleep at 9:30pm. Julie and Kelly will know this, when I fall asleep, I'm just out. Tracy even texted me to say she didn't want to wake me but pillows and blankets were at the end of the couch haha. Just can't hang past 10pm these days!

Sunday morning I first woke up to her cat Octavian laying on my stomach. That made me have to go to the bathroom but he snuggled up with me again, this time on my chest. I woke up later to him pawing at my hair. Sweet little kitty thought I would feed him or something :P Waking up to pets is too funny! Bane came out later and laid on the other end of the couch. 

We went out to brunch at Gillies - my favorite breakfast place on campus. My friend Jack joined us - I've known him since high school and he's still hanging out in Blacksburg since graduation. Afterwards we walked around campus, upon my request. Thankfully Tracy didn't mind doing something she does every day :) I just think my school is ridiculously pretty!
Burruss is my favorite building!

Tracy and I couldn't help but take pictures of these maroon and orange flowers!
Before I headed back home I stopped by mine and Peter's old apartments. So many memories! On the drive back, I listened to the first 7 episodes of Serial again and I feel even more confused/have more questions. I feel like he did it though I don't know the proof. Someone just needs to tell the truth!! I got home around 5pm, had some dinner, and slummed on the couch the rest of the night. Plenty of rest before the workweek started again.

Thanks again Tracy for hosting me this past weekend! I'm glad we could finally hang out in person and I look forward to hopefully a 5k together this summer! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Training Preferences {Training For Tuesday}

Soo posting at 8pm at night is okay right?? I started this last night but then got tired so I thought I would finish it in the morning. But I'm lacking in productivity most mornings…it's a good thing when I can dress myself and pack my lunch on time. I came home late from work this afternoon, went on a 45 minute bike ride, had dinner, watched Jeopardy and here I am finishing it. Maybe there are late blog readers or most of you can catch up on it tomorrow morning!

A Change of Pace

Today is Tracy and Alyssa's Training For Tuesday link up and I'm finally getting back on board again. I'm currently "training" for a 36 mile bike event in June but I just started so I don't have too much to report yet. More to come though on my thoughts on biking vs running. Instead, I saw this fun running survey on Deb's blog a few weeks ago and wanted to play along. 

1.  Location:  Trail, Road, or Indoors?
I say road only because it's the closest kind to my house. I don't venture too much when I go running - it's usually just around my neighborhood. I know my joints would like it if I did some more trail runs on softer surfaces so maybe someday soon I'll get into that. Indoors…only if I absolutely have to…

2.  Time of Day:  Morning, Noon, or Evening?
I prefer the morning because it's nice for it to be the first thing checked off my list for the day. I'm trying to get better at waking up and going before work but I also love my sleep so it's been a work in progress. Most likely during the work week I'll go within 20 minutes of getting home - my butt can't touch the couch or else I won't go.

3.  Weather:  Sunshine, Mild or Hot?
My ideal running weather is 50, sunny but with big clouds covering up the sun at times, and low humidity. In Virginia I get to run in all 4 seasons which makes for interesting training. Spring and Fall races are definitely my favorite ones.

4.  Fuel:  Before, After, and Sometimes During?
Usually during and after. I'll take fuel if I'm going 7+ miles and I love having chocolate milk after I finish.

5.  Accessories:  Music, Watch & More? 
iPhone, Garmin and Fitbit. I love listening to music but I don't always need it. Sometimes in the morning I like listening to news on my radio app. I can't go running without my Garmin Forerunner 10. And my Fitbit now comes with me since I'm doing the challenges like workweek hustle and weekend warrior! They are quite motivating. 

6.  Rewards:  Food, Wine, or …?
Definitely food. I know it doesn't really make sense to "eat back" the calories you just burned off but sometimes the thought of pizza or chipotle after your run is the only thing getting you out the door. Wine is my reward for everyday life :P

7.  Type of Run:  Long, tempo, intervals, hill repeats, progression, or recovery/easy?
Normally I just do "regular" runs. I should probably work on tempo, interval, progression etc. though. I've always run races just to have fun so I haven't taken my training cycles too seriously with the different kinds of runs. Maybe that's the secret sauce to breaking 2 hours for the half marathon?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Happies

+ I upgraded my Fitbit to a Fitbit Charge because I got an Amazon gift card and it came last night! I'm going to send Peter my Fitbit Zip!

+ Not surprisingly, I've been obsessing over the Boston Marathon this week. I should have taken the day off from work on Monday because work was quite distracting :P. I'm not sure how I could ever qualify for the marathon but I would LOVE to experience it one day!

+ The fact that Erin and I are talking about her engagement/wedding!!!! :)

+ The new show Younger on TV Land. I think it's a funny, light hearted show and I love Hilary Duff.

+ Videos of my niece crawling! She pretty much uses all of her body to but she is getting the hang of it! We're hoping to go visit them next month and it'll be crazy to see her be able to interact with us more. Last time I saw her she was only 3 months old. 
Cutest girl with frog eyes on her head!
+ That I'll be hanging out with Tracy next weekend!!

happy friday friends!!! I hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Recap/Peter's Birthday!

In between my weekends of sitting on the couch, drinking wine, occasionally running... I have big weekend adventures like spending my boyfriend's 24th birthday with him in Chicago!

I took off work on Friday and he picked me up from the airport around 9:30AM. I don't think I've been more excited to see a silver Kia :) You know that feeling of being apart from someone for a long time and then when you're finally in their presence, you just keep staring at them? Like hey you're real again and not just a text or phone call on my phone! I've certainly learned some things through this long distance situation. The biggest thing I think is a greater appreciation of just being around each other. While I've missed the fun dinners, wine nights, hiking etc adventures, I've missed the "ordinary" just as much…sitting on the couch watching a funny show, going on walks in the nice weather, grocery shopping! But the easiest way to cope with the missing is just knowing he's in Chicago, enjoying his job, learning better German skills and having fun with this phase in his life. It makes it worth it knowing he's happy (besides all the missing me too part :P).

Okay now back to the fun! In an effort to not make this 18 paragraphs long, I'm going to recap like I did with my New Orleans trip.

- Met and had lunch with some of his co-workers at Portillo's. 
- Walked up to the Lake Shore and spent about 3 hours there. I so wish it was part of my daily running route!

- Met back up with his co-workers for dinner and drinks. Started off at a wine bar and ended it with punchbowls at Joe Fish.

- Ened up walking 26,000 steps that day! Flat sandals were not a wise choice…

Saturday/Peter's Birthday!
- Took the train into the city to watch the Chelsea vs. Manchester United soccer game at Fado's Irish Pub. Chelsea = his favorite soccer team. Manchester United = my favorite soccer team. Peter's team ended up winning 1 to 0 but I guess it was his birthday…

- My older brother join us for the game and it was fun to catch up with him too. 

- Scottish guy sitting next to us was pretty friendly, a bit too talkative while we were trying to watch the game, and then ended up inviting himself to our next bar location…then made other friends and we didn't see him again..
- Met up with peter's BFF co-workers for midday drinks, nachos and burgers

- Got home around 7pm with high hopes of going out for dessert…watched multiple episodes of Anthony Bourdain's new Layover show instead

- Slept in until 9AM my normal time
- Went out for breakfast - potatoes hit the spot, omelette could have been better

- Walked around the town square and found a bench to sit on for a while. A guy passed walking his dog, said hi and then told us to relax a little bit more :P those mid westerns are so nice! 
- Went home and took the dog on a walk. He wanted to pick up all the sticks and take his time eating them…

- Had a peanut butter pie birthday cake because you always need cake and to blow out candles for your birthday!

- Sat outside, had a glass of wine and a cheese plate
- Sadly had to head to the airport around 4PM and cried when he dropped me off. I'm terrible at holding back tears and the thought of "I had so much fun with you I don't want to stop hanging out 2.5 months until I see you again" just hit me
- Had some lovely airport/airline delays which caused me to not hear the BIG NEWS THAT ERIN IS ENGAGED until 10:30PM! Our greatest FaceTime call yet :) 
the beautiful bride to be AH!

- Stayed awake an extra hour while the excitement of one of your best friends being engaged simmered down :P

Overall it was a a great weekend spent with Peter and I was obviously sad to see it end but was happy to come back with great memories! I still can't believe we've celebrated the last 8 birthdays together and we're heading into our mid 20s…life, you slow down! Erin getting engaged definitely shooed away my post vacation blues too - thanks Andrew :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Loving: this Spring weather! It seems that Spring has finally decided to stick around and with my IT band healed, I've been getting outside as much as possible. On Monday I got my first java chip frappuccino of the season and enjoyed it while I walked the quarter mile to Target.

Needing: to stick to my budget. I finally have some long term goals besides just paying off my student loans so I need to start being disciplined again. I'd say I'm pretty frugal but sometimes I have those moments at Target where I just buy allll the (unnecessary) things!

Wishing: I had a tropical vacation booked. I saw too many spring break posts last week on Facebook of sandy white beaches and crystal blue oceans. 

Reading: What Lies Between. It's basically about this woman who inherits a Scottish estate. I'm enjoying it so far but I haven't been doing a good job of spending time reading. I need to turn off the TV and put my nose in this book!

Thinking: of cutting my hair short to get rid of my layers. I do like layers but the hair stylist thinned the bottom for some reason and I just still think it looks so weird. We'll see if I can stick it out though until it gets a bit longer.
Watching: Friends on Netflix every night before bed because duh.

Trying to: stay awake while writing this. It's 9:41pm right now…my body just knows to start shutting down.

Looking Forward To: Peter's birthday this weekend! We've got the whole weekend planned and even just talking about it together made me super excited. It's been a bummer to be on the same work schedule but in different states…I can't wait for him to be home for good so we can fill our weekends with adventures, wine and delicious food again!

Friday, April 10, 2015

New Orleans 2015

Just two weeks post vacation and I'm finally getting the recap out. I had a great time in New Orleans (minus Bourbon St.) and I would definitely go back (and not go to Bourbon St.). Bourbon St. was just so not my scene because 1. I don't do well in a crowd of people at night 2. I don't do well in a crowd of drunken strangers at night and 3. I don't do well at night - I hate the dark. Now I will know exactly what people are referencing when they say Bourbon St. but I've seen all I need to on that street. I enjoyed every other part of New Orleans so let's get on to that! 

I went with Sarah (Peter's sister), Peter's mom and her friend who is family friend. Sarah has always wanted to go to NOLA and decided to make it happen for her 30th birthday. I was really glad she wanted me to go with them! When I first started typing this out, it got quite long and I had only made it through recapping the first day and a half  so I decide to do a summary with lots of pictures instead!

 - Flight landed around 7pm. Stayed at the Inn On St. Ann in the Marie Laveu Annex. I recommend this hotel!
Our cute courtyard outside our room
- Dinner at Muriel's Jackson. I'm not a big seafood fan but I do like salmon. If I was going to get it anywhere it would definitely be in NOLA - it was delicious! We also had really great cocktails.

- Walked down Bourbon St. Yikes.

- Beignets and cafe au liat at Cafe Du Monde. YUM!

- Brunch at Cafe Amelia (yes you need two breakfasts for your first day in NOLA)

They gave her a birthday necklace!
Breakfast ciabatta - still dreaming about it.
- 3 hour bike tour through the Garden District

the group!
I wouldn't mind living here...
- Dinner at Galatoire's. It was opened in 1905 and our bike tour guide said this was one of the last restaurants on Bourbon St. that still had its charm.

- Breakfast in a jazz garden
- Walked through Louis Armstrong Park

Dude my ear...
- Toured the Hermann-Grima House

- Went to Rebecca Rebouche's gallery and got to hang out with her for an hour. She is Sarah's favorite artist and Sarah bought an original piece. We found out that they have the same birthday!

our group outside of the beauty shop!

- Went to Frenchman St. and hopped around live music bars the rest of the night. 
normal restaurant art for NOLA!
chips, fried pickles, chicken tenders and beer!
this band was named Chicken and Waffles!

- Breakfast at Johnny's Po-Boys
- Went to a cooking demonstration at the New Orleans School of Cooking. Ate gumbo, jambalaya, pralines and banana foster. Our instructor Michael was hilarious!

Gumbo - of course they gave us beer taste with too!
- Walked around Jackson's Square. Did some shopping and listened to street performers

- Our flight left around 6pm and we got home around 9:30pm. It was rough waking up the next morning to go to work!

Overall it was a great trip and first experience in NOLA. There is so much history and culture there. I really enjoyed learning about the city and I definitely hope to go back with Peter one day!