Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anyone Reading Who...

One radio station I listen to in the mornings does a segment called “Anyone listening who…”. The VJs pick out random scenarios to see who can relate. It’s pretty fun to listen to because some of them seem outrageous and then someone will call in with their story! I love reading/hearing about other people’s experiences (hence why I love blogging) so I thought it would make a fun blog post. I may do this a few times as I come up with more ideas but for now I’m going to start with 5 that I can relate to and hope you’ll share your story if you can too!

Anyone Reading Who...

1. Has a favorite toilet at work...
[4th one on the right. It's got a little extra room and since it's towards the end I feel like it gets used less]

2. Doesn't own a smartphone...
[Still repping the slide out keyboard over here. My contract is up in August though so I'm hoping to get an iPhone]

3. Has a scar from their sibling...
[I have two from Kiefer…one on my left knee from where he tripped me at recess and one on my right forearm where he dug his nail into me]

4. Has said "I'm never going to ____" and then proceed to do blank…
[I said I'd never do a marathon and here I am 9 weeks before my first one]

5. Has met a celebrity and blurted out the first thing that came to their mind…
[ I got to the band Parachute two summers ago and when I met Nate, I asked him how his wife was doing…he was a little taken aback but she said she was off having fun at the beach haha]


  1. Ohhh I love this! My sister is the reason I had to have jaw surgery a few years back so I think she takes the cake for that one. hehe

  2. LOL! What a fun radio segment, and in turn, idea for a blog post!! I always use the very first bathroom stall on the right haha, it's RIGHT next to the door so I feel like people walk past it and use it less!

  3. I love these sorts of segments, partly because I love judging people. Is that bad? But I always think of my own answers, too.

  4. I'm with you on the marathon one and the scars from siblings!


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