Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekend Happenings

I was laying on the couch Sunday night, opened up a blank blog post but thinking about how to start the post was requiring more effort than I wanted for a Sunday night…so I closed it and continued to be a very unproductive human of society and watched The Grammy's Red Carpet and then Sean and Catherine's wedding!

I had plans to go home and hang out with the couch (as I do most nights these days) but Peter texted me around noon to say that his tasting room manager invited me to his Friday Night Flights because they had a few spaces left. Peter's co-workers are pretty awesome like that. Basically every month they choose a varietal and 5 different labels of it. They have cheese and crackers and the tasting room manager talks about all the wines. It's funny because by the last two wines, he's pretty much just trying to talk over everyone! Peter and I went to the Meritage one and it was a lot of fun so I was excited to go again. Peter was pouring at this one so I sat with some of his co-workers that were off the clock. I liked 3 out of the 5. Not to be too gross but one smelled like poop. It tasted okay but the smell…yuck!

I practiced my French Toast making skills in preparation for my stay with Kayla since we could both eat it any time of day!

I ran 4 miles in the snow/ice and it was SO windy. I'm really over this weather. I came home and just laid on my floor in frustration. Zoey came into my room and cheered me up the best way she knows how, bringing her toy for us to play!

I babysat a co-worker's 18 month year old boy for a couple hours later that afternoon. We read books, danced, watched Jake and the Neverland pirate and played chase. He would run into the kitchen and I'd come around the corner and he'd squeal with excitement every time. It's fun to see how the littlest things make them so happy!

I was up early to get my breakfast digested before my long run. I had to ignore how comforting my bed was to actually get out of it. I met up with the running group that is putting on the marathon I'm doing and was surprised to see around 40 people there at 8am when it felt like 11 degrees! Then I remembered that these people joined a running group so obviously they love running enough to do crazy things like that. 

They had a group leader for 8, 10 and 13 miles. We got to run on the marathon course so it was nice to get familiar with it. It's not as hilly as I was imagining but it's definitely not flat. I ran alone/between groups for the first 5 miles but then when I wasn't sure which direction the group had gone, the girl behind me and I figured it out together and started talking. She had graduated last May as well. This was her first official marathon (she was supposed to run New York 2012 when it got cancelled but still ran the distance with her friends). She lives in the area and was really nice! Whenever I suggested walking, she gladly stopped too which made me feel better. It was fun to make a new friend and hopefully I'll be able to find her on race day!

I ran some errands and got my nails using my babysitting money (like 13 year old Becky used to do). I had taken off my rings for this and didn't put them back on until later in the night. When I reached into my coat pocket, I only had 3 out of the 4! Of course the one missing is my second most sentimental ring :( I was really upset but Peter said we could always get me another one if it didn't turn up. Luckily I went back to the nail place yesterday on my way home and they had it!!!!
My Claddagh ring Peter gave me 3 years ago
In the biggest news of the weekend, a certain best friend of mine who is getting married this August ASKED ME TO BE A BRIDESMAID!!! Only slightly EXTREMELY excited about this :) This will be my first bridesmaid experience and I'm really happy I get to be standing my best friend as she starts this amazing new chapter in her life. Love you Julie :)
I'm the blue - I know I'm going to be a crying mess :)


  1. That wine tasting sounds like so much fun. That's so nice his co-workers invite you out! :)
    Good for you for running in this crazy weather. I told myself I would wait until March because I seriously cannot handle the cold... oh well.

    YAY for being a bridesmaid. I'm in my first wedding this summer and I couldn't be more excited!

  2. By the looks of things you can make me French Toast any time! x

  3. Being a bridesmaid is the best!! Love the feeling of supporting your best friend on their big day!

  4. Sorry, got distracted by the French toast and can't think about anything else....

  5. I was SUCH a blubbering mess when my friend got married in April. I think I cried more than pretty much every one else... whoops! Being a bridesmaid is so fun, though! You'll love it!

  6. Wow that course looks so pretty!
    Yay for being a bridesmaid! One of my sisters-in-law/bridesmaid cried during my wedding, but it actually made me laugh as I was walking down the aisle just because I didn't expect that (at least not from her)!

  7. What a perfect start to a great weekend on Friday friend. I need to talk Michael into finding a job like that for me. hehe YAY for practicing those cooking skills. Each day gets you one day closer and me a little more jealous. hehe Totally kidding.

  8. I'm so far behind on my blog reading! My dogs have that same green toy, and I didn't know it squeaked until we got it home from the store. They're kind if obnoxious with it.

    I bet getting to run on the marathon course during training is going to help you out so much come race day! I'm so glad you found your ring and congrats on being a bridesmaid :)


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