Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap!

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post. I really appreciate all the kind words :) I just couldn't stay away too long and I'm coming back with some fun things to share!

I was laying on the couch after work per usual when I got a text from Kayla asking if I wanted to FaceTime! Umm..YES! We chatted for about an hour and it was SO FUN. I thought I was excited before about our weekend but I'm even more now!! Come on March!
This is when she counting how many days until our weekend :)

I went from PJs to running clothes back to PJs by 2pm. To me, that's a pretty perfect saturday! I spent the morning ordering my new iPhone! I had a slide out keyboard for 2 years and while I thought I might be too cool for the iPhone, I realized I was missing out. I can get a pretty good discount on Sprint from my job so I jumped ship. It should be here on Wednesday! 

I spent the afternoon watching Stuck In Love on Netflix. If you need a good movie to watch, that is your movie! I laughed, I cried, I felt inspired :) Afterwards I started re-watching Hart of Dixie and while texting my favorite Erin, I discovered she was doing the exact same! If we could live within 20 miles of each other instead of 1000 THAT WOULD BE GREAT!

That night Sarah, Ryan, Chrissy and I watched the Olympics. Ryan stopped at the store on his way back from the gym and got popcorn, bagel bites, chips & queso and ice cream. There's just something about stuffing your face while watching other people work out :). 
Highly recommended! It had brownie bites and chocolate swirls!
I got up and did my long run of 7 miles. Now that I'm on a new training plan, it's nice to have "lower" milage for the weekends. Trust me, it still blows my mind that 7 miles seems lower to me.

Afterwards I met my mom at her best friend's house. While my step-dad and her BFF's fiancĂ© went off to do manly things, we went to lunch! We went to a really good Indian place down the street and talked, talked, talked like typical women. My mom 's BFF has known me since I was 10 and even hosted my 17th birthday surprise party at her house. Her son and my older brother are BFFs and she basically helped raised Ben, always watching out and yelling at him when need be!

My mom and I stopped by Target to get planners and then to Costco so she could get reading glasses. I swear she goes through them like lollipops! Of course we couldn't get just one thing though. She bought a sweater and got me giant peanut butter, bagels and bananas. In my older, wiser age I've learn to never turn down my mom when she asks to go shopping. Free food just tastes better :) My favorite thing to do when I was little was run errands with her so it was fun to do it yesterday. I'm so so thankful for my mom!
4 months supply of peanut butter? Why not?
Family time is the best!
I love a fresh planner!
Off to tackle another work week!


  1. BAH! That shot of me -- hideous, but its all good ;) it was way too fun. Also, this is SO funny I almost got that EXACT planner on Friday on my lunch break, but ended up with a flowery one. I love a new planner!!

    See you soon!!

  2. Seriously about free food though - it IS the best! I love when my mom takes me shopping! She can come over anytime! We stuffed our faces with ice cream this weekend too... so so yummy!

    Nothing like a fresh, clean planner... ah :)

  3. we need to facetime! maybe on your fancy new phone?! yes.

  4. I SO miss the days my mom took me shopping for food... wah! why am i an adult?! ;)

  5. Y'all are so precious. And I love love love planners. New ones make me so happy. Hope you had a great start to your week pretty friend.

  6. I could eat that whole tub of ice cream right now...

  7. What a nice weekend! I'm glad you're back :) and I absolutely LOVE when I can get a couple groceries out of my parents when we visit. I've also taken to raiding mom's pantry when we go home because she always double buys on accident so I take the extras off her hands!

  8. Oh my gosh, in college when my parents came to visit and bought me food...highlight of my life, for real! Also, I'm very happy I have never seen that ice cream before because I think it would last me all of 5 minutes...

  9. Love the planner - it's all my favorite colors! Yay for FaceTime dates with friends!!



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