Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Harry Potter, DC and Deutschland!

I've finally realized why I was much better at posting my weekend recaps on Mondays last year. I was in school and used it as an excuse not to be bored and studying. I miss Blacksburg and living with Julie and Kelly but I don't miss having to do schoolwork.

Highlights of my weekend:

+ Friday night I babysat for my co-worker while her and her husband went to see Bruno Mars in concert. They put him down when I got there so I watched the first Harry Potter movie and the baby monitor. Totally worth it to have a little bit of  extra spending money in my pocket. 

+ Saturday Peter, Sarah, Ryan and I went outlet shopping. Peter wanted to get business clothes for his internship. They had a lot of good sales which I wasn't sure about since July 4th was last weekend. We all ended up getting stuff but Peter got a lot of good shirts, pants and ties. I just wish I could see him in them every day!

+ Sunday morning I ran a 5k. It was a local running stores birthday celebration and only $25. I picked up my packet the morning of and it was super easy. The shirt is cotton but a cute one to run errands in. I had an hour to kill and called my mom…and woke her up! Whoops usually she's up early. Once the race got started I knew it was going to be a hot one. The sun was in our face almost the whole time. I was really thankful for the water station halfway through. I don't have another race until my half marathon in December and I can't wait for the cold temperatures. I've discovered I much prefer training through the winter than the summer.

+ After the race I went to Peter's house to shower and get ready. We were off to DC for the World Cup Final. Every time I go into DC, I remember why I hardly do it…even though I'm about 20 miles away, it's always a headache to get into. We took the metro because I can't drive in the city, not trying to get into a car accident. We were going to a German restraint to meet friends there but it ended up being 1.5 miles away and took us 30 minutes to get there in the 90 degree heat. Blah. Once we got there, we waited in line for an hour and didn't make much progress. We finally gave up and went to the bar next door. It was on the rooftop, had food and beer, and small TVs but we could at least watch the game. Once it went into overtime, we went back to the German restaurant and made it in. It was fun to be there when the German team scored! We stayed around to celebrate for a little while and then headed back home. When we were about 5 minutes from Peter's house, he realized he didn't have his phone. We looked all over but it wasn't in my car. I kept calling and finally a metro station worker picked up saying he had it! Peter has a slide out phone and probably cost about $10 so luckily no one wanted to steal it haha. We went back and got it and then hit up Chipotle because we were starving by then. Overall it was a fun adventure but it'll probably be 2015 the next time I go into DC.

Not the best view but it worked!
Joey and Peter with their German beer!
Us with the friends we finally met up with!
Peter forgot to smile?
Celebrating with my favorite German fan!

Woohoo Germany!


  1. Aww isn't helping boys dress for work so fun? Even now sometimes Ben goes to work and I'm like who are you? You look like a real adult! And then I remember he'll be 30 in 2 years, yikes.
    The weather at your 5k does not sound fun at all but congrats on pushing through it! I just keep telling myself if I can hang on now, I will be handsomely rewarded when fall/winter rolls around :)

  2. I'm sad Jared DOESNT have to dress up for work hehe ;) But then again, it's extra fun when we have a wedding or something fancy to go to! Good job on your 5k girl!

  3. I remember on summer break when Caleb "dressed up" for work and had to wear button ups and ties...woo! I miss those days ;) chipotle? YUM! I'm glad you guys had fun!

  4. Schoolwork - that is the one thing that I definitely do not miss about school! Is that the 5K where you made evil eyes at a 12 year old passing you? That photo is hilarious! No more races until December? I thought we had talked you into the Hokie Half!?

    I loved all of the World Cup games, and I'm so bummed they're over now! Two more years of waiting for the summer Olympics... Glad no one stole Peter's phone! Even though it's a cheap-o, that would have been a bummer.


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