Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Invisalign Week 43 Update

Thanks for all your kind words yesterday! Peter and I had a great evening last night just being us - talking, listening to music, going on a walk. I so wish I could have at least driven with him to Chicago to keep him company and help with the route but hopefully the next few weeks will fly by and it'll feel like he only just left!

Since my last update was in March, I figured I would do another Invisalign update now that I have about 3 months left!

Everything is still going well! It feels weird when I don't have my aligners in so it'll be funny to get used to just my teeth again when I'm done. I am ready to be finished but the past 10 months have flown by. 

Usually when I change my aligners, my teeth are sore for a day or two but nothing to keep me eating anything and I've never had to take Tylenol for it. The hardest part of it is just not being able to eat whenever or try things real quick. I've lost count how many times my mom/Peter/Sarah/people at work have been like "here Becky try this!" I need a place to brush my teeth afterwards and the time - it doesn't always make it easy to do so.

I've also come to notice how many social events revolve around eating and drinking. I used to be self-conscious about taking my aligners out in public but I got over that after a few weeks. All my friends and family know and they at least look like a retainer so strangers don't stare. My mom got them about a month ago too! I should have taken a picture but you can't even tell she has them either. When Peter and I were over last weekend, that was the first time we had been together since she got them so it was nice to have someone else worry about eating quickly and putting aligners back in. 

It's just crazy to me how much my smile has changed. It did take a few months to start noticing a difference but now it's definitely obvious. Since everyone likes before and after pictures, here you go Internet, my smile evolution!

At Week 1

At Week 10

At Week 25

At Week 43

If you're thinking about it, as an adult and if you're a candidate, I would totally recommend Invisalign. It's nice not having rows of metal on your teeth and still seeing great results!


  1. DANG!!! You can REALLY tell the difference!! THat is so amazing!!!

  2. So happy for your results!!! Seriously you've done a great job, they would totally help me to stop "snacking" at home so much! I am seriously considering them in a few years. My top row of teeth have just slightly shifted, but it's enough for me to notice. Your smile is gorgeous, girl!

  3. Jared and I both want to get them once we're out of debt!! Your smile is looking AMAZINGGGGGGGG :)

  4. This is seriously amazing! You should be in an ad for Invisalign, haha! Ben and I both had braces growing up but neither us our wore our retainers correctly (duh, who does?). Mine weren't that bad to begin with and they haven't shifted much, but his bottom teeth have some issues so he's looked into Invisalign before. I got LASIK so that was my big expensive procedure and when we have money for something like that again I want him to go for Invisalign because I know he'd be happy with it.

  5. Wow! Those before and after photos say it all. Your teeth look great!

  6. The change in your smile is amazing! It's awesome how well the Invisalign works. You are doing such a great job sticking with it, too. So close to being done now! I bet it will be really strange when you no longer have to wear them anymore. I remember when I got my braces off (after having them for about 2 years) my teeth felt so slick and smooth, I couldn't stop running my tongue over them.


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