Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tangent Thursday!

I'm borrowing a blog post idea from Janae today and just sharing my random thoughts with you guys. Just pretend we're at a quaint cafe, mid-afternoon, having a cheese platter and wine and just chatting about life. And while we're pretending...we can also be in Italy, somewhere like this:
+ Twice this week I've seen people run with their small dogs. Like the 3 pound ones...I get that the little ones are just as energetic but I can't imagine going more than 0.5 mile with them and their little legs?!

+ I wish I could buy all the cute work clothes. I should really unsubscribe from Loft, Banana Republic and JCrew Factory Store because their sales are so tempting but I usually just add a whole bunch of stuff to my cart and then X out...

+ This buzzfeed article has my name written all over it...I've never sent back food and once I paid $75 for a car wash because I thought I told them the right type of wash and vacuums but somehow I choose the expensive ones but didn't want to hold up the line to argue about it...

+ Every few weeks my co-worker and I will go out to lunch and it makes me feel so grown up...sometimes I forget that I'm really done with high school/college and will be in the working world for the next 50 years.

+ Kelly told me about this cheese festival in Blacksburg next summer and I already can't wait. Being surrounded by a million cheese vendors...that is what heaven looks like to me.

+ Julie gets married NEXT WEEKEND. I can't wait for Kelly to come in town and all the wedding shenanigans! 

It's overcast and rainy here today so I wish I was at home on the couch with a good book. But only one more day until Friday so I think I'll make it! 


  1. HAHA $75 on a carwash!! that is insane. i hope your car was covered in a gold wax or something. :) we have garlic fest coming up here and i am already SO EXCITED ABOUT IT.

    excited to catch up with you tonight. (if it still works for you, of course. :))

  2. I feel bad for little teeny dogs going on a run too! No way they have the energy for that!! :( Cheese festival?! Droollllll!!!

  3. BAH! I'm the sam way, but $75 for a car wah...sheesh girlfriend!! ;) you're a trooper lol but omg...let's go to that cheese festival!!!!! ;)

  4. I'd have to think about the most my hatred of confrontation has cost me...$75 is definitely up there!

  5. A cheese festival?? Oh my goodness. That, my friend, sounds amazing. Oh and I do the exact. same. thing. with awesome sales for online shopping. $200 worth of stuff in my cart and then I x out before I can do damage!



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