Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

Remember when I wrote this post about only having 2 weeks left with Peter…apparently a year out of college and I've already forgotten how to count…it was 3 weeks luckily. But a week from now, he will be hitting the open road and heading west. I'm not thinking about that until the second it happens though because I still can't imagine him not being right down the road from me. Don't worry, 99% of the time I'm super excited for him to experience this next chapter and all the visits to Chicago!

This weekend was a good mix of me time, family time and Peter time!

+ Friday night was Fatty Friday. While I like to eat healthy most of the time because it makes me feel good, I can't deny a cookie or cheeseburger. Sarah and Ryan's friend came over and we went out to pick up whatever we wanted for dinner. Unfortunately my stomach started hurting in the car so in the end I only got a chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell but between the 4 of us, it was a good (unhealthy) spread.
Wendy's, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell and Glory Days
+ Saturday I got up and ran. Ryan has been into running lately so it's been nice to have a running buddy for a little while. I signed up for half marathon #5 and am hoping this will be the one where I break 2 hours! I cleaned my room and bathroom. Took a nap and watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls. Spent the night finishing my book and went to bed by 10pm. I'll take a day like that every weekend!

+ Sunday Peter and I drove out to my mom's house. She and my step-dad wanted to have Peter out to talk about Chicago and say good luck. They've got a nice house that backs up to woods so it's a fun mini getaway. We ate yummy food, had good wine and played with the cute pups. They also surprised me with their new car! They had an Acura MDX but needed something with better gas milage because they drive 40 miles to work every day. Crazies. It was a really nice day and I was glad to spend time with all of them!

Hunter: "please pet me Peter!"
That face
He cleaned all the dishes after lunch :)
my Henry! I'm so obsessed with this little guy
Hunter's new thing is running next to my step-dad on his bike
Mom and her fur children 
new car!
Can I have their life?
my love :)


  1. FATTY FRIDAY!!! That sounds like the best tradition EVER. What a fun weekend!!

  2. Omg that picture of you and Henry is the cutest thing ever!! Well, that or the last pic of you and Peter! LOL-- can I come meet you in Chicago when you visit him?!

  3. So I'm thinking you need to motivate me to run another half. OR sign up with mee ;) I'm obsessed with the pups!!!!!

  4. Well if you're going to miscount, better to do it the way you did than vice versa. That last picture of you and Peter belongs in a frame, stat!

  5. Oooh, what half marathon did you sign up for? I love Henry and Hunter!! So cute :)

    1. The Blue & Grey Half Marathon in Fredericksburg!!


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