Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

One last weekend at home with Peter and it just had to fly by! He'll be starting his road trip to the midwest tomorrow morning and his new internship next Monday. This past week we were able to spend a lot of time together which I'm really thankful for. I'm going to miss him something crazy but I can't wait for him to begin this awesome experience. Luckily I have some great friends and family to make sure I'll be okay :)

For the most part, it was a pretty lazy weekend, like all my others but I'm not complaining. After a long work week, I can't bring myself to run around all weekend too. I went running on Saturday morning and I'm really over summer running. I'm glad my half is in December so I get to train through the fall!

I went to the pool Saturday afternoon to try and get rid some barely there tan lines since my bridesmaid's dress is strapless, but it didn't do much. Since I can't get tan, I really don't go to the pool that often - it was my first time this summer actually.

Saturday night Peter came over to hang out, watch a movie, and obviously drink some wine. One of the managers at his winery has his own winery and has the most delicious Chamberlain. I picked some cheese and bread to go with it at Trader Joe's and it was nice to have the quiet time with all my favorite things.

Sunday afternoon Peter's family had a BBQ for him. It was really fun to hang out all together one last time before he's home for the holidays. Two of his friends came over and his neighbors stopped by to wish him luck. I know I'm totally bias here but it makes me happy how many people think so highly of him! He's such a great person and I feel lucky that I've gotten to be by his side all these years. Sorry for the sappiness but you could probably expect some more this week...a boyfriend moving 700 miles is going to warrant it.

We ate, drank and played a lot of games of Washers. Have you guys heard of it? Basically you try to throw 3 washers into a paint can and get to 11 points first. It's also called trailer trash horseshoes if you know it as a different name :P
Peter's mom and Joey playing Washers
the board!
Peter's two best friends :P
I'll be heading over to his house after work today. We've got nothing special planned but I'll be happy to just be spending time together. At least the next time we see each other, we'll get to explore Chicago together!


  1. So so exciting for Peter! You guys will rock the long distance thing! ;) plus, now you have a fun place to visit!! Looks like an awesome weekend spent with even more awesome people!!

  2. Sappiness is allowed... and totally normal! :) I've never heard of that game btw, looks fun though!!!

  3. The photo of Peter with his two best friends cracked me up! :) That's really cute.

    Definitely bittersweet - have a wonderful relaxing evening with him tonight!


  4. So glad you guys made the best out of Peter's last weekend! You're allowed to get sappy every now and then, we won't tell ;) Can't wait to hear about Chicago when you get to go visit him!


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