Friday, August 1, 2014

'Twas the day before...

'Twas the day before my best friend's wedding, and all through the state
Guests were coming in town, hoping not to be late!
The bride's nails, hair and make up trial were done,
In hopes that the groom thinks she looks second to none!

With their mutual love for math, something I won't understand , never
I knew in a moment, they would be together forever!
More rapid than eagles, has this past year flown
The bridal party will be directed in Julie's nicest tone:

Now Meredith! Now Kelsey!
Now, Melanie, Now Kelly!
On Becky! On other Becky!
On Julie P, On Ellie!
To the front of the church!
To the top of the Manor House!
Now smile big! Smile big!
Smile big all!

They'll spring to the dance floor, to have their first one as husband and wife
and they'll be beaming from ear to ear as they start their new life
But before it's all over, we'll shout with all our might
"Congratulations Julie  & Joe and have a great night!"

My Instagram feed will be bumpin' with pictures this weekend so be sure to follow me here!
Happy Friday!


  1. Haaaaaaa!!! This is genius!!!! Brava!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Okay this is freaking PRECIOUS! Great job, Becky! I just know you all week have a BLAST this weekend!! You know I'll be stalking your instagram ;)

  3. Oh my gosh how sweet is this!!! So creative!! Definitely going to have to keep a look out for your Instagram posts!!!

  4. This is adorable, Becky! The pictures you posted on IG were gorgeous. Huge congrats to Julie and her new hubby!

  5. Becky, this was great! Wasn't Julie gorgeous? I'm just so happy they found each other, and I too, will never understand the love for math! :-)

  6. Well lets just call you Dr. Seuss, you rhyme master. Very cute!


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